Breathealer Probiotic Mouth Gel: Fresh Breath and Natural Oral Care

Do you want to have fresh breath and take care of your oral health naturally? Well, there's a surprising natural oral care solution right in your own mouth: saliva! Saliva is a natural liquid produced by glands in your mouth, and it does more than just keep your mouth wet. It has important elements that help with digestion and keeping your teeth strong. Using mouthwash is important for oral care, but have you ever thought about using your own saliva as a mouthwash? It may sound strange, but research has shown that saliva is actually the ultimate mouthwash for promoting oral health.

Role of Saliva In Our Day to Day Lives

Saliva plays a crucial role in our daily lives by keeping our mouths clean and healthy. It helps remove food debris and bacteria that can cause tooth decay and bad breath. Saliva also counteracts acids that can damage our tooth enamel. Additionally, it contains proteins and other substances that fight infections and help heal our mouths.

Using saliva as a mouthwash has an extra benefit: it helps maintain the natural balance of bacteria in our mouths. Unlike some commercial mouthwashes that can kill both good and bad bacteria, disrupting the balance and potentially causing oral health problems, saliva promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria while inhibiting harmful ones. This unique property of saliva creates a healthy environment in our mouths and provides natural oral care.

Benefits of Saliva As Mouthwash

Here are some benefits of using saliva as a mouthwash:

1. Fighting Against Plaque

Plaque is a sticky film made up of harmful bacteria and food particles that can stick to our teeth after we eat. It releases acids that gradually damage our tooth enamel and irritate our gums. Saliva helps prevent plaque from sticking to our teeth by forming a protective barrier called salivary pellicles. When combined with regular brushing and flossing, saliva keeps our teeth safe from harmful bacteria.

2. Removing Food Debris

Saliva helps wash away food debris in our mouths. Having enough saliva flow reduces the chances of food particles accumulating and causing problems on our teeth or other oral surfaces. This keeps our mouth cleaner and healthier.

3. Supporting Oral Microbiome

Saliva plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy fresh breath with a balance of good and bad bacteria in our mouths. Proteins and mucins in saliva neutralize, aggregate, or adhere to specific types of oral bacteria. Mucins act as a barrier, preventing bacteria or fungi from attaching to surfaces inside our mouths and stopping them from colonizing in specific areas. This oral care helps promote overall oral health.

4. Breaking Down Starch

Starch, found in foods like pasta and bread, is another form of sugar that can contribute to cavities if it stays in our mouths after eating. Saliva helps break down these substances into less harmful forms for our teeth. By breaking down simple and complex carbohydrates, saliva makes it easier to flush these substances out of our mouths, preventing them from sticking to our teeth and gums.

During larger meals, like lunch and dinner, our mouths naturally produce more saliva. This not only helps with swallowing and digestion but also acts as a mouthwash. The increased saliva flow keeps our mouth cleaner, depriving plaque of the fuel it needs to harm our long-term oral health.

While saliva can be a great natural mouthwash for everyday oral care, there may be cases where it's not enough. If you have persistent bad breath or specific oral health concerns, you may need additional measures like using Breathealer probiotic mouth gel or other dental products. However, for regular daily maintenance and oral health upkeep, saliva is an excellent choice.

Breathealer Mouth Gel: The Ultimate Mouthwash Solution!

Saliva offers many advantages as a natural mouthwash for everyday oral care. In some situations, you may benefit from using additional products like Breathealer all-natural probiotic mouth gel. Breathealer complements saliva by providing benefits such as natural oral care, fresh breath, promoting a healthy oral microbiome, supporting gum health, and using safe, natural ingredients. Say goodbye to bad breath with BREATHEALER! Discover Dr. Golding's oral hygiene program for long-lasting freshness with our natural probiotic mouth gel. Contact us today!

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