I see that you have probiotics in the Breathealer gel.

Do they need to be refrigerated?

No, It does not need refrigeration. The particular strain of probiotic in Breathealer is streptococcus salivarius thermophilus. It is a facultative  bacteria which is both aerobic and anaerobic, It grows quickly at 37oC and it can grow at 45oC


How many colony forming units are in the Breathealer gel?

1 bilion/CFU/gram


Most mouthwashes have a warning label that says "if accidentally swallowed contact poison control." Can  I swallow  the Breathealer gel?

Yes, it is safe to swallow, just squirt1or 2 drops of Breathealer on your tongue, swill it around your lips cheeks and tongue, for 60 seconds or more, mixing it in with your saliva and then swallow.


Can I use it on my toothbrush to brush my teeth?


Yes, you can , We recommend the Toothtapping technique to give your teeth that exceptional clean. You can find more information on that technique on toothtapping.com


How many times a day can I use the Breathealer gel?

The fresh breath effect lasts for a long time

Usually we recommend using it 3 times per day.