10 Fun Facts about Breathealer

  1. Breathealer is made with all-natural ingredients including probiotics.
  2. Breathealer is safe to swallow, unlike your traditional mouthwash.
  3. There are 150 squirts in each bottle.
  4. The convenient bottle fits in your pocket or purse so you can carry it anywhere.
  5. The ingredients in Breathealer freshens breath instantly and last for hours.
  6. Breathealer contains ingredients that reduce tooth sensitivity, oral yeast problems & clear sinuses.
  7. Breathealer is the healthy, holistic alternative to mouthwashes, chewing gum or mints.
  8. Breathealer is a probiotic approach to bad breath and improving oral health.
  9. Breathealer was created by a dentist with over 40 years experience.
  10. You can buy Breathealer as well as other all-natural oral care products online at www.breathealer.com.


facts on breathealer

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