Beautiful Breath

Often a Bridesmaid… but never a bride.

Three times this year already,

It seemed as if all her group were getting married.

Abby was moving to Scotland, Jane was honeymooning in the Caribbean.

And that gorgeous hunk Andy was going off with her oldest friend Lucy.

The clanking of those empty cans tied to Lucy’s car as the happy couple drove away  still ringing in her ears.

Alone  again naturally.

Back in her apartment,  The loneliness, that black cloud, depression closing in again.

Sitting in front of the mirror, Searching through the tears streaming down her face.

What is it? Katherine thought

What is wrong with me?

True, she had been on her share of dates, men were attracted to her, but she had no idea  why they never called back.   

Those so called best friends… even they wouldn’t tell her.

She remembered that time, the last office party, she got up to use the washroom,

It was occupied.

For a few moments she had to wait.

She turned back to see her friends,  giggling in her direction, smirking, talking behind her back.

“Does everyone secretly hate me?”

“Had she been fooling herself?”

Scrolling through Facebook, the pop up flashed on the screen”

“You never know when you have it, bad breath never announces itself to the victim.”

“ Bad breath!” she thought. “Could that be it?”

Drying her tears , she clicked on it

The dentist was explaining about his break through discovery, “Breathealer”

Fresh breath naturally, no artificial ingredients, no burning alcohol, no damaging chemicals.

Probiotics for her saliva!

She was familiar with probiotics in her yoghurt.

Wow! what a brilliant idea!.

“Saliva is natures mouthwash” he was saying

“Why do we always think that we can do better than nature?”

“With all the abrasives, detergents and artificial sweeteners in our toothpastes and mouthwashes, we have been disturbing the ecology of our saliva.  Killing both the harmful and the beneficial bacteria,

“This scorched earth policy of oral care has been going on for over 80 years”

“It is time to rethink our approach and restore the ecosystems of our mouths”

“ Maybe nature got it right in the first place.”

“Take back the control. of your oral health, your general health.”

“Restore your saliva with healthy probiotics, lovingly nourish  your mouth with essential oils, remineralize your smile  naturally.”

Clicking the buy now button, she thought “What have I got to lose?”

Thirty days later;

Her friends sat breathless, sipping their cafe lattes … spellbound, they looked up in awe as they watched Katherine, her arm gently resting on Kyle’s shoulder, tall, dark and handsome he bent over to kiss her, lingering closely, killing her softly with his smile.

Their world seemed to melt into one, only the kiss was real.. She forgot the time, she forgot the place…….

Thank you “Breathealer”

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