Fresh Breath White Teeth

It was a pleasant surprise to see Ian in my dental office on the beautiful island of Barbados. He knew that I had been in clinical practice for over 40 years because I had been seeing him and his family since he was a child.


As he sat down in my dental chair, I was reminded that I hadn’t seen him for quite some time.


Had it been a year, or two years  already since his wife had sadly succumbed to her long fight with cancer?


After our usual polite greetings he finally told me that he had recently signed up to an on line dating site.


“This is great news” I said


“Yes Doc it is,  and I am excited to meet her.”


“ We have been corresponding for  a while now, “


“She lives in Moscow and I am flying out next week to meet her and her family”


“ Next week?”


“Russia?” I replied


“That’s a long way”


With a little smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye


“Going for a test drive “ he added


I looked at my dental assistant  and the three of us burst out laughing.


“All jokes aside” he said.


He softened his voice and rather shyly went on


“It’s a long time since I have been in the dating game”


“Doc,  I need a winning smile and kissably fresh breath”,


“In a hurry!!! “


“Perfect timing” I replied


“ I had just received the next batch of my Breathealer breath freshening gel”


We had just opened the packet and the new bottles with their attractive labels were sitting right there on my counter.”


Alan couldn’t help but see them and his curiosity was piqued.


Pointing to the bottles,


“Breathealer?” he exclaimed


The last batch had sold out so fast, I had immediately placed a rush order to the Californian company that was manufacturing them for me.


I went on to explain that after being internationally recognized as the creator of the Toothtapping technique and the developer of the Toothtapper itself, I had been working on the formulation for an all natural, remineralizing, probiotic breath freshening gel.


Knowing that fresh breath and white teeth are so important to my patients and having seen on a daily basis the damage that other mouthwashes and toothpastes can cause, I was determined to create a healthy alternative.


I had spent over a year and thousands of dollars working with pharmaceutical experts, including an extremely talented team of compounding pharmacists at Curapharm Inc in San Diego.


Selecting and sourcing the perfect ingredients from around the world, together we had revised the formulation over and over again until we came up with the perfect blend, some might say the “Secret Formula” for Fresh Breath .


We cleaned and whitened his teeth,  and just before he got out of the chair I handed him the Breathealer bottle, he shook the bottle, unlocked the cap and gently squirted one drop of the gel onto his tongue.


Swirling it around his mouth, mixing it in with his saliva  he said


“Wow!” “I love the fresh peppermint taste!”


“ It really works”


“ Believe me” I replied


“It’s Simple, safe and effective”


“It works every time.”


“Give it a try.”


It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


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