Camping Toothbrush is Eco Friendly, Bamboo and does not require Toothpaste

According to a report in National Geographic, the US disposes of more than 1 billion toothbrushes year, 99 percent of which are made of plastic. These plastics break down into microplastic particles that pollute sea salt and contaminate fish. If you're worried about your contribution to this pollution, turn away from plastic - get Toothtapper - a new sustainable eco-friendly camping toothbrush.

Toothtapping Technologies has launched this non-toothpaste eco-friendly bamboo camping toothbrush. The toothbrush features a new grip design that allows you to brush with a three-finger pencil grip using a revolutionary brushing technique.

Eco Friendly Camping toothbrush The tooth tapper

The launch of Toothtapper is a biodegradable alternative that drastically lowers environmental pollution caused by dental hygiene products.

Toothtapper is a bamboo toothbrush that can be used without water because it uses the natural lubrication of the user's saliva. Toothtapper works as a camping toothbrush because it does not require toothpaste or any other form of abrasive dental hygiene product. You can now pack for a hiking or camping trip without the bother of toothpaste, chemical mouthwashes, or floss.

The certified compostable bristles are designed to absorb plaque from your mouth by a mechanism of capillary action and are mounted on a natural bamboo handle. The handle is equipped with a special notch that enables a comfortable pencil grip.

The Toothtapping technique uses a grip that is similar to the one used by dentists and dental hygienists to maximize control. This non-abrasive technique uses your saliva to naturally disinfect the mouth and gently remove plaque without damaging gums or enamel. The technique avoids the use of harsh and abrasive chemicals found in toothpaste, preventing your teeth from yellowing.

Toothtapping Technologies documents that new toothbrush for camping and the Toothtapping technique help you achieve fresh breath, healthier gums, and enjoy fewer dental visits for scaling. Get your Toothtapper brushes in singles or packs of three. Change your Toothtapper every three months for the best results, but expect it to last way longer!

According to a spokesperson for Toothtapping Technologies, "Dr. Golding's four decades of professional experience have been the perfect platform to take common dental issues, study them intensely, and ultimately, effect change in people's lives. We are delighted to announce the launch of Toothtapper as a new way for you to enjoy healthy teeth for many years to come."

Toothtapping Technologies is an environmentally responsible oral health solutions company headed by certified dentist Dr. Derek Golding. The company develops innovative and user-friendly products that ship to the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Get your own Toothtapper today - enjoy a winning smile and do your part to prevent environmental contamination.

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