Travel Friendly Mouthwash to Naturally stop Halitosis and Keto Breath Fast. The Breathealer.

Be free from all forms of bad breath with Breathealer a revolutionary all natural probiotic mouthwash gel that is safe to swallow and whitens teeth. The product is available through the Breathealer online store in the US and for direct pickup in Barbados.


Bad breath can be a source of social anxiety and considerable embarrassment. Whatever the cause of bad breath, all you need is two squirts of Breathealer, a natural travel-friendly halitosis gel & breath freshener mouthwash. Stay away from harsh chemical formulations and regain minty fresh breath the natural way.

 All Natural Breath Freshener Mouthwash Gel that you can swallow.

Breathealer gives you a brand new smile and freedom from dry mouth - another documented cause of bad breath. This revolutionary breath gel is formulated to remove harmful bacteria that cause bad breath and encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in your mouth. Your body relies on this balance of bacteria to prevent perpetual morning breath.


Halitosis is a common condition that causes persistent, long-term oral malodor. According to the National Institutes of Health, between 8 and 50 percent of all people in developed countries suffer from bad breath. Conventional halitosis remedies include preventive oral hygiene and chemical mouthwashes.

 Morning Breath? Stop it with the Breathealer.

Breathealer is a probiotic bad breath remedy available in a convenient travel-friendly gel form that you can carry anywhere. The gel is formulated from coconut oil triglycerides, spearmint oil, monk fruit extract, quillaja, and menthol. It is safe enough to be swallowed and is enriched with vitamins E, D3, vitamin A palmitate, and gram-positive Streptococcus Salivarius, a common oral bacterium.


The all-natural breath-freshening gel whitens teeth and helps combat sore throats and oral yeast infections. Breathealer is an effective cure for dry mouth caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, autoimmune diseases, tobacco, and alcohol use.

 Cure Keto Breath fast with the Breathealer.

Breathealer is a lasting solution for Keto breath. Keto breath is characterized by the unpleasant odor of nail polish remover or rotting fruit and is a common side effect of a Keto or Atkins diet.


Breathealer requires a 60-second rinse and is safe for you to spit out or swallow. The halitosis & dry mouth gel are packaged in a convenient 1 fl oz dispenser bottle that gives you 150 dispensations. Breathealer keeps you safe from blocked sinuses and tooth sensitivity.


 The paraben-free breath freshener, Breathealer is an all-natural remedy for Halitosis and Keto breath. We are delighted to announce that Breathealer is now available to customers in the United States and for pickup in Barbados."


Breathealer is a chemical-free breath freshener created and formulated by Dr. Derek Golding, a dentist with more than 40 years of experience. The product is available alongside other all-natural oral products through the Breathealer online store.


The Travel friendly Breathealer is immediately available at

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